Exclusive Building Plots overlooking Oroklini and Larnaca Bay


There are six building plots in all, they are in a commanding position and have the best of both worlds, being in a village environment and yet at the same time having clear land all around them, which may not be built upon. There is a golf course being built at the top of the hill in the near future.

Take a look at the plan below to see what we mean.
Just click on it and it will enlarge itself.

land in Voroklini for exclusive housing development in cyprus.JPG (81506 bytes)


These 6 Large plots cover the whole hilltop at the side of Mount Prophet Ellias outside the village of Oroklini. They are surrounded by Govt Forest land and haliland. No individual can build on the surrounding land.

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The North side is forested  up to Mount Prophet Elias while to the South ,East and West there are views of fields and the whole of Larnaca Bay The beach is 2.2 km distant. and it is only 5 mins drive to the main Nicosia/Limassol highway and 5 km from Larnaca itself. A very convenient commuting position.


Plot Sizes and prices are as follows

  1. 650 sq.m. = SOLD

  2. 690 sq.m. = Cú72,000

  3. 584 sq.m. = Cú57,000

  4. 785 sq.m. = C82,000

  5. 640 sq.m. = SOLD

  6. 585 sq.m. = Cú62,000

views 2 plots for sale cyprus.JPG (17659 bytes) 
This is a view of where the plots are. Notice the higher plataux. There.
views 3 plots for sale cyprus.JPG (23590 bytes)

views 4 plots for sale cyprus.JPG (16311 bytes)

views 5 plots for sale cyprus.JPG (23813 bytes)

To view these plots please contact us here

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